What to Do in Punta Cana

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The longest coral reef in the entire island, standing at about some 35 kilometer’s long, is in the Punta Cana. The shores which are nicely cut out at select areas of the reef makes Punta Cana snorkeling a memorable one. A variety of snorkeling activities one can engage in can include a snorkeling excursion with a group out to the Aquarium towards the reef of El Cortecito or take a guided snorkeling tour through the warm waters, giving you an introduction to the colorful marine life of the Caribbean. Below are the activities I partook off, and it was worth every bit of it.

  • Caribbean Festival Snorkel – This constitutes snorkeling around the Bavaro coastline. The famous snorkeling site along the Bavaro presents a view of sharks and rays, although a guided snorkeling activity is best yet. If you are on a cruise, then timely light refreshments and a Caribbean dance show for your entertainment awaits you on-board, endeavor to join in, and feel the spirit of the Caribbean. They can be heavenly.
  • The Marinariun Shark and ray experience – Experience the beauty of the underwater world as you swim and snorkel along the coral reefs of Punta Cana, becoming intimate with the giant stingrays and “homely” sharks. Then try the natural pools where you may want to enjoy a beautiful cocktail with something for everyone, including the family. Get to know the native marine life, get your snorkeling equipment, and receive safety instructions from the Park supervisors. I will advise you to start by snorkeling with some of the friendlier creatures of the deep before taking the plunge and entering the domain of the sharks.
  • Catalina Island Snorkeling – You can discover the untouched beauty of the Island of Catalina, snorkeling on some of the most fantastic coral reefs amongst the abundance of colorful animal and plant life. The clear turquoise water is perfect for snorkeling. From an anchor point directly above a coral reef, you can enjoy the best underwater view. After the amazing views of the colorful sea life, you can have lunch on the white beach of the Island of Catalina.
  • Punta Cana Snorkeling for starters – If you have never snorkeled before and are feeling uneasy about the experience, then this short trip serves a perfect introduction to the popular water sport. You will visit one of the shallow reefs, protected from the open ocean by its corals. Enjoy the incredible daily life in the crystal clear sea. The use of snorkeling equipment and a local guide are included in this easy Punta Cana activity, just in case you have not got one.
  • You can enjoy a slow and relaxing sail – From Punta Cana over the crystalline-like waters along the stunning white coastline of the Bavaro making a detour around the wreck of Astron, a freighter that lies close to the shore. Along the sail, you can see a cluster of barracuda, blue fishes, and yellowtail snapper. You can decide to make arrangements for these adventures as you prepare for your holiday. You may want to pick on one after another to enjoy individually, and it is entirely up to you as the former is as memorable as the next, especially if Punta Cana Snorkeling is just your priority.

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