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The Gulf of California porpoise or Pacific porpoise (The Vaquita – Phocoena sinus) is a critically endangered species of porpoise (only about ten individuals remain). It is on the IUCN list of the 100 most threatened species in the world.

Classification: vertebrates, mammals, cetaceans, phocoenids
Size: up to 1.6 m long
Weight: up to 50 kg
Habitat and distribution: coastal areas of the Gulf of California
Conservation Status: Endangered

The Vaquita

This stocky gray-bodied porpoise is one of the smallest cetaceans, a group of mammals that also includes dolphins and whales.55 cm long at birth, it rarely exceeds 1.6 m, as an adult.
It lives not far from the coasts of the Gulf of California, this arm of the Pacific Ocean in northwestern Mexico. It feeds mainly on fish.
Today, a few hundred Vaquitas survive in the wild. Without careful protection, this species is in danger of extinction.

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