The European squid
Written by mrhusev

The European squid (Loligo Vulgaris) is a species of giant squid, belonging to the family Loliginidae.

Classification: invertebrates, molluscs, cephalopods, loliginidae
Size: up to 45 cm long
Weight: up to 1.4 kg
Habitat and distribution: Atlantic open sea
Conservation status: not threatened

The Squid has a tapered shape adapted to life in the open sea. Its light inner shell, the feather, is covered by a muscular mantle. It moves quickly by jet propulsion but can also swim slowly using its lateral fins. Like Cuttlefish.

Squid have eight arms and two long tentacles with a suction cup at the end that they project to catch their food. They hunt in groups and rarely approach the shore.


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