Scientists discover a light-emitting shark

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The underwater world has not finished to surprise us, and we continue to discover new species on a regular rhythm. Recently, a group of researchers revealed the existence of light-emitting sharks. Let’s take a look at this amazing discovery.

The animal was discovered in the waters of Mexico.

It was American scientists who revealed the big news: while researching the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, they had the immense surprise of discovering a light-emitting shark. The Mollisquama mississippiensis was nicknamed the “pocket shark” for its small size: 14 centimeters long only. It is not the first specimen of a “pocket shark” the first and only specimen of its kind had been discovered in 1979 in the Pacific; the only difference being that it emitted no light.
The small carnivore recently discovered, however, has a gland, located under the front fins, containing a bioluminescent liquid. This pocket shark found in the Gulf of Mexico was also equipped with tiny photophore organs throughout its body.

underwater creatureThis discovery proves, and rightly so, that we are not really well informed about the marine world generally, and the Gulf of Mexico specifically.

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