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Risso's Dolphin
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The Risso’s Dolphin (Grampus griseus) is a species of cetaceans of the family Delphinidae. The vernacular name of the species, discovered by Georges Cuvier in 1812, commemorates the naturalist Antoine Risso. It is the unique species of the genus Grampus.

Sizeup to 3.9 meters long with the tail
Weightup to 500 kg
Lifespan40 years
Habitat and distributioncoastal and open sea areas of the Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Indian Oceans
Conservation statusunthreatened

The Risso’s Dolphin is easily recognized by its large head without a beak, the fold running in the center of its protruding melon, its large fin, and its gray body marked with white scars. They move in groups of 10 to 15 individuals, which gather as bands of several hundred to be joined by other cetaceans.
They suffer from human activities, die from asphyxiation in fishing nets, are poisoned slowly by pollutants in the food chain, and swallow plastic bags and other garbage. The scars of wounds received over the years draw pale patterns invading the body that sometimes appear entirely white in individuals over 30 years old.
The Risso’s Dolphin, feeding on squid, frequents the depths. In these dark places, echolocation is more useful than sight.

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