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The leatherback turtle
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The Leatherback Sea Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea), the only representative of the genus Dermochelys, is a species of turtle in the family Dermochelyidae.

The leatherback turtle is the largest of all sea turtles, which can weigh more than half a ton. It is the only one that does not have horny patches of keratin.but has a leather-like skin.

Classification: vertebrates, reptiles, chelonians, dermo-chelids
Size: up to 1.6 m long
Weight: up to 970 kg
Habitat and distribution: middle and surface waters of warm and temperate seas
Conservation Status: threatened

The Leatherback Turtle has huge wing-like front flippers that can measure up to 2 m from tip to tip. Unlike other sea turtles, its scaleless shell is rough to the touch and has deep grooves from head to tail. It is a great traveler who ventures far out into the open sea.

A tattooed Leatherback Turtle, which originated in South America, has crossed the Atlantic over a distance of more than 7,500 km. The Leatherback Turtle is now threatened with extinction because it has been hunted far too much.


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