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Hagfish (Myxinidae) are a family of aquatic animals that are anguilliform. Hagfish do not have a spine but a notochord, nor a real jaw, but a pair of horizontal structures lined with teeth and surrounded by four mouth barbels and four barbels around the “nasal” orifice. These scavenging animals twist to tear their food (dead fish and other marine organisms).

Classification: vertebrates, fish, osteichtyans, myxinids
Size: up to 75 cm long
Weight: up to 800 g
Habitat and distribution: Atlantic deep seafloor
Conservation status: not threatened

They have a perfect sense of smell and often crawl inside the carrion to eat.
A Hagfish has no jaws but small teeth to hook its prey. To swallow a bite, it has to tie the tip of its tail around its head and squeeze. Its elongated eggs hatch into young that resemble adults.

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