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The Regalecus glesne (Giant Oarfish) is a sea ribbon fish, also known as the king of herring. R. glesne is the world’s longest bony fish, usually exceeding 5 meters, with a record size recorded at 11 meters long. However, unconfirmed specimens are reported with an overall length of up to 16 meters!

Classification: vertebrates, fish, osteichtyans, regalecidae
Size: up to 16 m long
Weight: up to 300 KG
Habitat and distribution: cosmopolitan, open sea
Conservation status: unknown

The Oarfish looks like a gigantic silvery ribbon bordered by a single bright redfin. We could easily take this oceanic fish for a sea monster emerging from the depths. Despite its length, it’s harmless to humans – it has no teeth and feeds on small Crustaceans and Pisces that it catches with its tunnel mouth.
The Regalec swims in ripples and stays out of sight, far below the surface.

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