Fun Diving At Bira

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Bira, Indonesia is considered one of the best places to dive on all of planet Earth. Thus, it is a diver’s paradise, as there is a lot of fun diving to undertake. There are many reasons why Bira is such a fun place to dive. We will explore many of these reasons below.

One of the main reasons why Bira is considered a great and fun place to dive is because it is relatively untouched by humans. Many scientists consider this region to be known as the “Coral Triangle” of the world, as there are about 600 different coral species, making up about 20% of the world’s coral reefs. The coral reefs have been mostly undisturbed, and unlike coral reefs in many other parts of the world, the coral reefs in Bira are largely resistant to discoloration and disease. Thus, there are miles (kilometers) of coral reefs, making it both an excellent site to see for divers, as well as attractive locations for the abundant marine life to hang around at.

Speaking of the abundant marine life, many scientists consider this region to have the most exceptional biodiversity on planet Earth. The main reason why this is the case is because of the location of Bira; it is located between two of the Earth’s oceans: the Indian and the Pacific. There are over 3000 fish species here, along with many kinds of sharks (whitetip, blacktip, hammerhead, etc.), Manta rays, seahorses, dolphins, and more. Thus, it makes for exciting, fun diving, as you’ll never know what marine life you’ll come across next.

In fact, if you head to Raja Ampat, off of the northwestern tip of Papua, you can find about 1200 fish species here. It holds the world record for most fish species to be found in a single dive, a total of 284 different species. As you can imagine, that would make for a fun dive for any diver. In most spots around the world, you’d be lucky to find 10-20 different species in a single dive, but 10-20 times that amount? You’d think you were in “diving heaven.” Thus, this is another excellent reason why Bira is a fun place to dive.

In addition, there are many different islands around Bira, with many diving sites. Some are for more experienced divers, as there are waves that run through the diving sites. However, there are plenty of diving sites for beginners as well, largely due to the deep walls that block out much of the strong currents. Thus, beginners can get used to diving and earn their Divemaster certifications before diving at the more challenging diving sites.

Throughout Bira, you can find diving sites that will present breathtaking locations. The water is a crystal-clear blue color, enabling you to look down deep within the water. On some days, you can see down to a depth of 30 meters (100 feet), far deeper than most diving sites around the world. This adds to your chances to see the amazing marine life that resides here. Thus, you are bound to see plenty of different species that you won’t likely spot anywhere else on Earth right here in Bira.

Thus, diving in Bira is fun for many reasons. You can be a beginner or expert diver, as there are diving spots with and without currents. The coral reefs are virtually untouched and are largely resistant to discoloration and disease, thus expanding for miles (kilometers) on end under the water. The marine biodiversity is unmatched thanks to Bira’s location between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. There are over 1200 fish species (including pufferfish, lionfish, and scorpionfish), along with many different species of sharks. You can also see Manta rays, dolphins, seahorses, octopus, turtles, and more. Thus, if you are looking for a breathtaking, fun diving experience, Bira, Indonesia should be the number one choice on your diving list.


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