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Anableps (Four-eyed Fish) are a species of brackish water fish in the family Anablepidae. They have the particularity of having their eyes divided in two horizontally, which explains the name four-eyed.

Classification: vertebrates, Fish, osteichtyans, antepidates
Size: up to 32 cm long
Weight: up to 1 kg
Habitat and distribution: freshwater, coastal and open sea from Central America to Northern South America
Conservation status: not threatened

This long Fish has protruding eyes like those of Toads, divided in two by a horizontal partition, which allows it to see upwards and downwards at the same time. It can thus hunt both aquatic insects and insects that have fallen to the surface of the water.
Its fast swimming is invaluable for escaping from predators such as Waders, and it does not hesitate to jump out of the water to distance itself from Pisces for which it is the prey.
The female can store sperm and lay several eggs.

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