Fires in Australia are estimated to have killed at least 500 million animals…

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In Australia, fires have been raging for weeks and have already caused countless damages and the death of millions of animals.

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A study by ecologists at the University of Sydney estimates that in the state of New South Wales alone, 480 million mammals, birds, and reptiles have died from burns or suffocation since September. At least 20% of the population of koalas, a symbolic animal, has disappeared. Tree regrowth and animal repopulation could take up to 40 years.

A man posted a video on social networks of a roadside near Batlow, New South Wales, on the western slope of the Australian Cordillera, 200 km from Canberra, showing the catastrophic situation, especially for wildlife. On his hotel page, the manager of the “new Batlow hotel” posted several messages and videos. One of them has already been seen 3 million times. It shows dozens of animal corpses that have not been able to escape the flames. (ATTENTION THE VIDEO CAN SHOCK).

Posted by The 'new' Batlow Hotel on Saturday, January 4, 2020

Known for its animal and plant biodiversity, South-East Australia, particularly the State of New South Wales, is already paying a heavy price for the big, long, and violent ‘bush’ fires – a mixture of scrub and hardwood trees – that have been burning for several months. And this despite the intervention of thousands of firefighters, airplanes, and water-dropping helicopters.

An important continent for its animal and plant wealth

A quick study by the University of Sydney estimates that in New South Wales alone, the state most affected by the fires, 480 million animals have been killed since September. And according to the researchers, these mortality rates are very “conservative,” they said in a statement Friday, January 3. The final toll could be “considerably higher.”

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