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Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) is a bird that belongs to the family Pelecanidae and the order Pelecaniformes.

The legs are short; the gait is heavy and massive. The very long beak has an expandable pocket of brownish skin below the lower mandible that serves as a landing net for catching fish.

Classification: vertebrates, birds, pelecaniformes, pelecanids
Size: up to 1.4 m long
Weight: up to 6 kg
Habitat and distribution: open ocean and Atlantic and Pacific coasts throughout the Americas.
Conservation status: not threatened

The brown pelicans, instead of scooping up water in search to find food, fish like low-flying bombers.
Patrolling in long lines over the shoreline, watching for a shoal, the lead bird rises into the sky and dives in a dive, quickly followed by the others. After a few seconds, they surface, often with fish in their pockets.
The Brown Pelican nests on rocky ground or in low trees and lays two or three eggs.

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