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the blue whale
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The Blue Whale is the biggest living animal on the planet. It is also believed to be the largest animal that has ever existed on Earth.

The body of the blue whale, also known as Balaenoptera musculus, is long and tapered like a loom shuttle. The head, which is a quarter of the length of the animal, is U-shaped and flat. Its mouth is equipped with about 300 black baleen plates about one meter long that hang from the upper jaw. Between 60 and 90 ventral folds in the throat facilitate the evacuation of water from the cetacean’s mouth after the food is skimmed.

Classificationvertebrates, mammals, cetaceans, baleopteridae
Height up to 30 meters long with tail
Weightup to 155 tons
Habitat and distributioncosmopolitan, open sea, mostly cold seas
Conservation StatusEndangered

Its gigantic mouth has several hundred baleen plates hanging from its upper jaw.
When it swallows water and closes its mouth, these baleens hold back the Krill and other Small Animals, and the water is expelled outside.
The female begins to breed at about ten years of age, and a Baleneau is born every two or three years. There were about 200,000 blue whales in the 1900s; after a century of hunting, only about 12,000 remain today.

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