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Black scorpionfish (Scorpaena porcus) is one of the best-known fish of the European coasts. This little predator can be found in the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, and the temperate zone of the eastern Atlantic Ocean.

Classification: vertebrates, fish, osteichtyans, scorpaenids
Size: up to 37 cm long
Weight: up to 2 KG
Habitat and distribution: coastal and open sea areas of the eastern North Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Seas
Conservation status: not threatened

Black scorpionfish is a small fish up to 37 cm long. However, the average size is 19 cm. The physical feature that characterizes the species is the skin outgrowths developed above each eye. It has a massive head with large eyes and small skin outgrowths distributed throughout the body, and a thorny dorsal fin. The body coloring is always predominantly brown, sometimes yellowish, or even pinkish.

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