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A strange octopus from the abyss looks like a little ghost.

Written by mrhusev
The abyss in the sea is probably one of the least known places on the planet.they are full of astonishing fauna, like this little octopus recently discovered by the National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Here is a video of it in its natural environment, near the coast of Hawaii.

It is not uncommon to discover unknown species in the depths of the ocean. It is exactly what happened during a dive of the Okeanos Explorer, an underwater rover designed for geological observation. At a depth of 4,290 meters, in the Hawaiian archipelago, a team of explorers was able to observe this little octopus with a ghostly appearance.
Surprisingly, due to the absence of light, the animal has no pigment, which means it cannot change color, unlike most octopuses. Another peculiarity is that this strange octopus, composed entirely of gelatin, has no gills either, which is unusual for an octopus from the abyss.

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